How does your body fight patriarchy?

Overwhelmingly answering a question that puts me in front of the harsh realisation that every inch of my body and my existence is politicised, not that I am not aware of this truth but realising even the way you choose to self-talk and your thought when you are alone looking in the mirror can either disrupt the system or enforce it.

I say no to covering my face with your makeup, no I will not erase what living in the shadow of patriarchy does to my skin and my face, I will not erase the stress nor the anxiety that coloured under my eyes black.
I don’t accept your ridiculous summer bodies, nor do I abid your type of healthy lifestyle.

The way I define sexy, healthy, fit, the belief I have about productivity and rest, how I interact with the bodies of others.
bringing up the conversation about periods and periods-day off in my workplace, advocating for that one day of rest with no questions asked.

my screams in my boxing class, fighting the consistent annoying thought in my head telling me to shut up because I am a woman, and women don’t raise voices.

accepting the productivity trap, and reminding myself that it is okay to do NOTHING, and to-do lists are illusions created to make us feel lazy and failures, but who defined success as famous and rich.

reclaiming my authentic accent, shouting the قاف, and rolling my eyes back at you when you react to my hometown with a resentful face.




Not a writer but speaking my mind

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Rawan | روان

Rawan | روان

Not a writer but speaking my mind

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